The data protection officer is a person within a company or specifically hired to fulfill this role, whose main duties are to monitor and control the processing and collection of personal data and a company’s GDPR compliance.

It is mandatory to appoint a data protection officer in the case of the following operators:

  1. Public authorities or public bodies
  2. Operators that process data on a large scale, especially in the case of operations that are based on periodic and systematic monitoring of data subjects;
  3. Operators who process data on a large scale regarding criminal convictions and offences
  4. Operators processing a national identification number

Establishing a data protection officer is beneficial for any company!

GDPR compliance is mandatory for everyone. A DPO is a way to avoid large fines for non-compliance with the data protection regime. A DPO ensures compliance with data protection, an obligation that exists for all companies.

A Data Protection Officer can be internal or external. For most companies, an external DPO is a better solution. Why?