The GDPR audit process involves a complex and complete analysis of all personal data being processed by a company, the ways and methods of processing and of the security offered by your company.

The purpose of conducting a GDPR Audit is to assess possible data protection risks and establish the necessary measures to mitigate them.

An audit will determine whether a company’s policies and procedures meet GDPR requirements and, if not, how they need to be improved in order to avoid penalties.

Who benefits from a GDPR Audit?

Any company that processes personal data is obliged to undertake a regular process of verification, evaluation and assessment of the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of the personal data processing.

A GDPR audit is something that every company needs to go through in order to determine whether you’re truly compliant with GDPR or not.

However, any company benefits from a process of evaluating and implementing GDPR measures. Many times, companies don’t even know if GDPR applies to them. Chances are it does.

Is my company processing personal data?

How is a GDPR audit conducted?

1. Professional examination

This service involves a detailed examination of the way your company processes personal data and ensures compliance with the requirements in force at European level, through risk assessment and data mapping.

2. Full report

A complete report will be issued that will contain both the degree of compliance at the current level, the analysis of the existing technical measures, the assessment of associated risks but also recommendations in case of data processing non-compliance and possible threats to which the company is currently exposed; Includes Gap Analysis, Risk Assessment, Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), Checklist to ensure compliance and suggestions for changes.

3. Development of an action plan

We will issue an action plan for GDPR compliance. This includes recommendations for securing personal data through appropriate organizational and technical measures.