Spotify and CRITEO – under fire for GDPR breaches

Massive GDPR fine for not verifying user’s consent This June, the CNIL, France’s Data Protection Authority sanctioned CRITEO, a company that specializes in targeted advertising with a fine of 40 million EUR. The company’s goal is to gather cookies and use them to identify the most suitable advertiser and product to display advertisements to specific […]

1 million EUR GDPR fine for not granting user rights

A fine just shy of 1 million EUR was applied to Sats, one of the largest fitness centers  in the Nordic region, with locations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.   The Norwegian Data Protection Authority had received several complaints about the data processor between 2018 and 2021, all regarding the company’s failure to comply […]

More than half a million EUR GDPR fine for data processing violations

More than half a million EUR GDPR fine for data processing violations

The end of October brought in a major 525.000 EUR GDPR fine applied to Techpump Solutions S.L. Techpump Solutions is the owner of different internet domains containing adult content. The main reason behind the fine was that the actual treatment of personal data did not correspond to the one mentioned in the company’s privacy policy. […]

Instagram hit with record GDPR fine

Meta Platforms Inc., was fined 405 million euro, the largest GDPR fine to have ever been received by the company and the second largest fine ever issued by the Irish Data Protection Authority. The Autority’s investigation revealed that Instagram was disclosing email addresses and/or phone numbers belonging to children using the Instagram business account feature […]