Why is GDPR training necessary?

GDPR Documentation (audit, procedures, policies, documents) is only the starting point for GDPR compliance. To be effective, it must be accompanied by proper training of employees, so that they can respect confidentiality standards and internal procedures, reducing the risks of security breaches.

This service involves the regular organization of training sessions for company employees and management, as well as individual coaching sessions for both management and the DPO.

Staff training also demonstrates GDPR compliance, which is a mandatory requirement under the GDPR.

Training gives employees the opportunity to recognize risks and respond appropriately to any situation.

What do we do?

We offer training, coaching and mentoring sessions for employees, company management and the DPO.

Our workshops are adapted to the specifics of the company and the industry in which they operate, being suited to the roles and procedures specific to each department. In addition to training, we also focus on raising awareness of privacy risks and prepare support materials for a better understanding of internal procedures.

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