GDPR and data protection consultancy services 

Does GDPR apply to my company? What is GDPR? How do I prove that my business is GDPR compliant? Is my company obliged to have a data protection officer? What to do in the event of a data protection security breach? Will I get a GDPR fine? How to implement GDPR?

All these questions and more can be answered by our team of experts.

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GDPR Consultancy Services

Our team is here to answer any question related to data privacy, privacy policies or the General Data Protection Regulation.

We help companies understand and properly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and all related privacy laws. Our experts will guide your company towards full compliance with the current legislation in the field of personal data protection, and more.

Do you have questions regarding:

  • product launching and GDPR requirements?
  • expanding into a new market?
  • who needs a DPO?
  • security camera introduction requirements?
  • policies for new devices?
  • creation of a privacy department?
  • recruitment of specialized personnel?
  • privacy policies?
  • the need to implement GDPR?

We’ll answer any questions you may have and support you on your way to full compliance.

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